#TBT to the Best Project Ever

In honor of #TBT, I’m making the declaration that working on the 100 Best Places to Stuff Your Faces was pretty much the Best Project Ever.

Teaming up with a super-talented writer and an amazingly creative designer was truly an honor, and working on a book dedicated to my favorite subject (eating) was, well, the proverbial icing on the cake. #badpunalert

Also, I consider being compared to a honey badger the highest form of flattery (check out the credits page).

Interested? A few copies of the second edition are still available.

Spending $70 on proofreading saved one client $15,000

Many companies I’ve worked with don’t make room in their process for proofreading. They think it’s not worth the extra time, and claim they can’t afford the additional expense.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Here’s a real-world example of how spending a small amount on proofreading ended up saving one company a whole lot. Continue reading “Spending $70 on proofreading saved one client $15,000”

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