I’m Shellie Anderson — a self-professed type A individual with a passion for organization, a keen eye, and a knack for details.

I thoroughly enjoy knowing that because of me, someone’s day was a bit easier, an assignment was completed smoothly, and there is one less spelling error in the world.

Here are a few ways I can help make your life easier:


Whether it’s a blog post, product catalog, website content, newsletter, presentation, product packaging, instruction manual, or court transcript, I will put my (electronic) red pen to use and ensure your work is error-free and ready to publish.

Content Management

From writing, editing, and formatting blog posts, articles, and course content to uploading videos and re-sizing imagery, I love creating order out of chaos and will wrangle your content, polish it, and make sure it shines.

Blog Management

Need help staying on top of all those details? Whether it’s managing your editorial calendar, giving old posts new life, or updating Plugins, I can keep your WordPress blog humming right along while making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Ready to simplify your life?

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