Ditch your paid to-do list and use this instead

Fellow iOS folks, if you’re using a paid app to manage your to-do list, it’s time to reconsider.

As a simple Google search shows, there’s an array of tools out there for managing to-do lists. All of them do the job, and yes, many of them include a ton of cool features. But the bottom line is that if you’re paying even as little as 99 cents per month on a to-do list app, you’re wasting money.

There’s simply no need to spend a single cent on yet another productivity app when you’ve essentially already paid for one that does everything you need, and probably more.

Yep, I’m talking about the often slept-on Reminders tool that comes pre-loaded in all your Apple products.

google search results for online to-do list tool.

I’ve been using this little freebie for years for business and personal task management. And as a self-proclaimed professional multitasker and avid list-maker, I’m still constantly impressed with its capabilities. In fact, I happen to think it’s the best online to-do list tool out there.

The list of features is vast, and there’s a ton of documentation available on Apple Support for you to review and compare, so here’s a  super quick overview of some of the highlights;

  • create as many lists as you want (duh)
  • create list groups – I have a group set up for each of my clients
  • pin and sort lists (LOVE!)
  • set up smart lists
  • share lists with other users (great for project collab!)
  • set up recurring items and customize alerts – a must for those easy-to-forget quarterly/annual tasks

And, of course, thanks to iCloud, it’s synced across all your devices.

So, if you’re like me and looking for every opportunity to cut costs and streamline your budget (and in this economy, who isn’t?!),  I urge you to give Reminders a try for your online to-do list needs.

Doing more without spending more and getting the most from the tools you already have—that’s the Type A way.


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